Aha! Integration


Bugsee supports both basic, personal token and OAuth when integrating with Aha!.

Basic authentication

Basic authentication does not require any special setup on Aha! side. Just provide valid host (URL to your Aha!), username and password.

Personal token

Go to Personal page of your Aha! settings.

Open personal page

Then in left pane switch to Developer section.

Switch to Developer section

Now switch to API keys tab and click Generate API Key button.

Generate key

Give it some unique name and click Generate API Key button within that dialog.

Give key a name

Finally, copy generated token and paste it into Personal token field in integration wizard.


Once you start the integration wizard it will redirect you to Asana website to request to grant Bugsee permissions:

OAuth Grant

Click Authorize to allow Bugsee access to your Aha!.