User attachments

It is possible to add a custom attachment to the report. The attachment will be available for download right from the issue viewer. Currently both the amount of attachments and their size is limited. Max of 3 attachments, 1M each.

You should set your implementation of ReportAttachmentsProvider interface to Bugsee using Bugsee.setReportAttachmentsProvider() method. It is recommended to call this method before Bugsee.launch(), because during Bugsee.launch() method execution we start to send reports, which were formed earlier. You can attach files, strings and byte arrays using CustomAttachment.fromDataFilePath(), CustomAttachment.fromDataString(), CustomAttachment.fromDataBytes(), accordingly.

Bugsee.setReportAttachmentsProvider(new ReportAttachmentsProvider() {
    public ArrayList<CustomAttachment> getAttachments(Report report) {
        ArrayList<CustomAttachment> resultList = new ArrayList<>();

        // If it is a Blocker or crash.
        if (report.getType() == Report.Type.Crash || report.getSeverity() == IssueSeverity.Blocker) {
            // myFilePath is a path to file, which should be attached to the report. 
            CustomAttachment attachment = CustomAttachment.fromDataFilePath(myFilePath);
            attachment.setName("Detailed Info");
        return resultList;