NOTE: Extension requires Google Chrome 49 or higher to be installed and operational.
Bugsee Chrome extension is already installed in your browser

You can install the Bugsee Chrome extension by simply clicking on button below

If that doesn't work, follow this link to a Google Chrome Webstore and follow instructions.

Nothing else needs to be installed or injected in your web application code for Bugsee to operate, however your application javascript code does automatically get immediate access to new APIs to extend the usefulness of Bugsee data collection even further if you decide to do so. For example, you can add manual traces and events, or decide to use Bugsee logging mechanism to add additional information that will make it even easier to debug a problem. See sections Custom traces, Custom events and Logs for more information.

When working with these APIs we strongly recommend you to check the availability of the global Bugsee object prior using any of its methods, otherwise your code may fail when user does not have Bugsee extension installed. Here is how you can do that:

if ('Bugsee' in window) {
    // 'Bugsee' global object is available. Place your code here...