Network events

You can control which URLs are recorded. You can exclude any URL you want by specifying its pattern and optionally you can instruct the extension to filter out any already captured events matching specified pattern.

If you have multiple URL patterns you want to exclude, you can pass them as an array in the first argument (instead of single string pattern). In this case all the pattern will be added at once.

// Without filtering existing URLs

// ... or with filtering existing URLs
Bugsee.excludeUrl("http:(.*?)", true);

// Bulk pattern exclusion
Bugsee.excludeUrl(["http:(.*?)", "http:(.*?)", "http:(.*?)"]);

Sometimes you want to revert the excluded URLs and start capturing their usage again. In this case you must include them back with includeUrl(). Please note, that URL patterns must exactly match the ones you added via excludeUrl().

// Without filtering existing URLs

// Bulk pattern inclusion
Bugsee.includeUrl(["http:(.*?)", "http:(.*?)", "http:(.*?)"]);