Bugzilla integration


Supported authentication methods

Basic authentication

No custom configuration required in Bugzilla for this type of authentication.

Provide valid host (URL to your Bugzilla), username and password.

Provide authentication info


There are no any specific configuration steps for Bugzilla. Refer to configuration section for description about generic steps.

Custom recipes

Bugsee can accommodate all these customizations with the help of custom recipes. This section provides a few examples of using custom recipes specifically with Bugzilla. For basic introduction, refer to custom recipe documentation.

Setting labels field

By default Bugsee creates and updates Bugzilla bugs with Bugsee issue labels as Bugzilla keywords. But labels list can be overridden inside your custom recipe. For example you can add some new label (Bugzilla keyword) to existing ones:

function create(context) {
    // ....

    return {
        // ...
        labels: [...issue.labels, "My awesome keyword"]

function update(context, changes) {
    const result = {};
    // ...

    if (changes.labels) {
        result.labels = [...changes.labels.to, "My awesome keyword"];

    return {
        issue: {
            custom: {}
        changes: result