You can always change colors of the Report Controller and Feedback Controller UI.


// For example
[[Bugsee appearance] setReportBackgroundColor:[UIColor darkGrayColor]];
[[Bugsee appearance] setFeedbackBarsColor:[UIColor magentaColor]];

//... Other colors you can find at BugseeTheme class header


// For example
Bugsee.appearance().feedbackBackgroundColor =;
Bugsee.appearance().reportNavigationBarColor = UIColor.magenta;

//... Other colors you can find at BugseeTheme class header
Property Description
reportCellBackgroundColor UITableView cells background color
reportVersionColor UILabel with version number text color
reportTextColor UILabels text color
reportSendButtonColor Send UIButton text color
reportPlaceholderColor UIInputFields placeholder color
reportNavigationBarColor UINavigation bar background color
reportBackgroundColor Background color of Report Controller
reportCloseButtonColor Close UIButton cross color
feedbackBarsColor Navigation bar and bottom bar colors
feedbackBackgroundColor Background color of feedback controller
feedbackIncomingBubbleColor Incoming message bubble background color
feedbackOutgoingBubbleColor Outgoing message bubble background color
feedbackIncomingTextColor Incoming message text color
feedbackOutgoingTextColor Outgoing message text color
feedbackTitleTextColor UINavigationBar title color
feedbackEmailSkipColor Ask for email popup skip button text color
feedbackEmailBackgroundColor Ask for email popup background color
feedbackEmailContinueNotActiveColor Ask for email continue not active button background color
feedbackEmailContinueActiveColor Ask for email continue button background color
feedbackInputTextColor Input message text color
feedbackInputBackgroundColor Background color for message input
feedbackCloseButtonColor Close UIButton cross color
feedbackNavigationBarColor UINavigationBar color