Launching with options

Make sure you launch your app with Bugsee on a real device. Bugsee iOS SDK does not work in simulator as it heavily depends on the hardware.

Bugsee behavior is very customizable, if default configuration is not satisfying your needs you can launch the SDK with additional parameters passed as a dictionary.


- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application
    didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
    // ...other initialization code

    NSDictionary * options = @{
           BugseeMaxRecordingTimeKey   : @60,  
           BugseeShakeToReportKey      : BugseeFalse,
           BugseeScreenshotToReportKey : BugseeTrue,
           BugseeCrashReportKey        : BugseeTrue

    [Bugsee launchWithToken:@"<your_app_token>" andOptions:options];

    return YES;


func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    // ...other initialization code

    let options : [String: Any] =
        [ BugseeMaxRecordingTimeKey   : 60,
          BugseeShakeToReportKey      : false,
          BugseeScreenshotToReportKey : true,
          BugseeCrashReportKey        : true ]

    Bugsee.launch(token: "<your_app_token>", options: options)

    return true


Stopping will fully stop the SDK operation and clean up all the used resources. The operation may take a while to complete.


  [Bugsee stop:^(void) {
    // operations to perform upon completion  


  Bugsee.stop {
    // operations to perform upon completion


Relaunching will fully stop the SDK operation and clean up all the used resources. Upon completion it will start recording again with new options.


[Bugsee relaunchWithDictionaryOptions:options];


Bugsee.relaunch(options: options)

Available Options

Key Default value Notes
BugseeMaxRecordingTimeKey @60 Maximum recording duration
BugseeShakeToReportKey NO Shake gesture to trigger report.
Be aware, that enabling this option may cause a startup delay/freeze on iOS 12 due to the bug in the CoreMotion system framework (read more)
BugseeScreenshotToReportKey YES Screenshot key to trigger report
BugseeCrashReportKey YES Catch and report application crashes (*)
BugseeKillDetectionKey NO Detect abnormal termination (experimental, read more)
BugseeVideoEnabledKey YES Enable video recording
BugseeScreenshotEnabledKey YES Attach screenshot to a report. Note, that if BugseeVideoEnabledKey option is NO, default value of this option is NO too.
BugseeViewHierarchyEnabledKey YES Capture view hierarchy for Bug reports
BugseeCaptureLogsKey YES Automatically capture all console logs
BugseeMonitorNetworkKey YES Capture network traffic
BugseeMonitorBluetoothStatusKey NO Monitor bluetooth state.
IMPORTANT: You must add "Privacy - Bluetooth Always Usage Description" key into your Info.plist with a string value explaining to the user why you need bluetooth permission
BugseeReportPrioritySelectorKey NO Allow user to modify priority when reporting manual
BugseeDefaultCrashPriorityKey BugseeSeverityBlocker Default priority for crashes
BugseeDefaultBugPriorityKey BugseeSeverityLow Default priority for bugs
BugseeWifiOnlyUploadKey NO Upload reports only when a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
BugseeMaxDataSizeKey @50 Bugsee will avoid using more disk space than specified (in MB). If total Bugsee data size exceeds specified value, oldest recordings (even not sent) will be removed. Value should not be smaller than 10.
BugseeStyleKey Default Enumeration of BugseeStyleDefault, BugseeStyleDark and BugseeStyleBasedOnStatusBarStyle
BugseeFrameRateKey BugseeFrameRateHigh Specifies how often frames are attempted to be captured
BugseeVideoScaleKey @1 Additional down scaling applied to recorded video, (e.x @0.5 would reduce both width and height by half)
CaptureDeviceAndNetworkNames YES Capture device name, wifi SSID and mobile carrier name.
ReportSummaryRequiredKey NO Controls whether "Summary" field in bug reporting UI is mandatory or not.
ReportDescriptionRequiredKey NO Controls whether "Description" field in bug reporting UI is mandatory or not.
ReportEmailRequiredKey NO Controls whether "Email" field in bug reporting UI is mandatory or not.

* IOS allows only one crash detector to be active at a time, if you insist on using an alternative solution for handling crashes, you might want to use this option and disable Bugsee from taking over.