Privacy and console logs

Bugsee captures Logcat logs. The feature can be either completely disabled or logs can be sanitized during recording to strip any PII data.

Disabling log collection

Console log collection can be disabled completely using CaptureLogs launch option. See configuration for more info.

Sanitizing logs

In order to allow you to hide user identifiable and other sensitive data from these logs, we provide a way to register a filter and process each log message before it's being recorded into Bugsee logs. Bugsee will call your method for every event to be recorded and provide you with BugseeLog object. It is your method's responsibility to clean up all user identifiable data from that structure and call listener.onLog(log) to pass it back to Bugsee. listener.onLog(log) can be called in other thread than calling thread.

Bugsee.setLogFilter(new LogFilter() {
    public void filter(BugseeLog log, LogListener listener) {
        String message  = log.getMessage();
        if (message != null) {
            // ..make changes

        // Send the sanitized log back to Bugsee to record
        // Skip this in order to completely omit the log from Bugsee recording!