Release notes

1.24.1 (October 30 2019)

  • Feat: DarkMode support for iOS 13+
  • Fix: Rare crash in Feedback when scrolling
  • Fix: Get rid of retain cycle in views management
  • Fix: Wrong screenshot is captured when keyboard is displayed

1.24.0 (October 24 2019)

  • Feat: Add an option to override report video
  • Feat: Add a set of launch options to make input fields in reporting UI mandatory
  • Feat: Add two new life cycle events: BeforeReportAssembled and AfterReportAssembled
  • Fix: Crash in NSURLSession when delegate was not supplied during instantiation (iOS 13 only)

1.23.12 (October 3 2019)

  • Fix: Properly work with modal windows
  • Fix: Properly export BugseeMonitorBluetoothStatusKey

1.23.11 (October 1 2019)

  • Fix: Rare screenshot capturing crash

1.23.10 (September 27 2019)

  • Fix: Make input fields in reporting UI always accessible

1.23.9 (September 15 2019)

  • Fix: Another crash in video rendering pipeline

1.23.8 (September 10 2019)

  • Fix: Crash in video rendering pipeline

1.23.7 (August 29 2019)

  • Fix: Remove dependency for IOSurface

1.23.6 (August 27 2019)

  • Fix: crashes in rendering pipeline
  • Fix: input does not work in reporting UI on iOS 13

1.23.5 (August 14 2019)

  • Fix: add custom attributes size limitation

1.23.4 (August 11 2019)

  • Revert: Fix: Wrong video scale in Zoom mode on iPadOS

1.23.3 (August 10 2019)

  • Fix: Wrong video scale in Zoom mode on iPadOS

1.23.2 (June 27 2019)

  • Fix: Memory leak in reporting controller

1.23.1 (June 21 2019)

  • Fix: Fix video capture on iOS 13

1.23.0 (June 20 2019)

  • Feature: Add launch option to enable/disable bluetooth state monitoring. From now on, bluetooth monitoring is disabled by default due to privacy/security restrictions in iOS (read more).

1.22.1 (May 29 2019)

  • Fix: Crashes in video capturing pipeline (Various Metal-related crashes)

1.22.0 (May 16 2019)

  • Feature: Lifecycle events support added
  • Feature: Custom report creation and upload mechanism added

1.21.5 (May 1 2019)

  • Feature: Add launch option to enable/disable View hierarchy capturing

1.21.4 (Apr 16 2019)

  • Fix: Properly pick class names in all cases

1.21.3 (Apr 14 2019)

  • Fix: Crash in A/V players interception mechanisms in some cases

1.21.2 (Apr 2 2019)

  • Fix: Rare bug in memory releasing mechanism for video capture

1.21.1 (Mar 26 2019)

  • Fix: View hierarchy dumping may cause a crash in some rare conditions

1.21.0 (Mar 7 2019)

  • Feature: View hierarchy is now captured for bug reports
  • Feature: Touches are now contain more information about the target view (ID, tag, class)

1.20.2 (Feb 25 2019)

  • Bug fix: Improve memory management in rendering pipeline

1.20.1 (Jan 26 2019)

  • Bug fix: Refactor WebView events swizzling to prevent failure in some cases.
  • Update instructions in build scripts
  • Other stability improvements

1.20.0 (Jan 22 2019)

  • Bug fix: Fix dSYM uploading issue that is caused by race when new Apple's build system is used. Two separate scripts are now should be used. Take a look here and here for more information and detailed instructions.
  • Bug fix: Fix potential problem in WebKit events swizzling mechanism

1.19.4 (Jan 10 2019)

  • Maintenance release primarily required for React Native and Cordova wrappers

1.19.3 (Jan 10 2019)

  • Feature: Add new method signature for logException that accepts completion block to react to actual async operation completion

1.19.2 (Jan 8 2019)

  • Bug fix: Fix bug in that could lead to an app crash when some of the deprecated UI elements are used.

1.19.1 (Jan 1 2019)

  • Bug fix: Fix bug in rendering pipeline that could lead to an app crash in some cases

1.19.0 (Dec 21 2018)

  • Feature: New video capture implementation. It's up to 10x more performant and prevents device overheating.
  • Other stability improvements

1.18.16 (Oct 7 2018)

  • Bug fix: In some scenarios, HTTP headers could be incorrectly recorded
  • Bug fix: Network events for media players were incorrectly captured

1.18.15 (Sep 18 2018)

  • Bug fix: Fix iOS12 crash when handling extended crash data
  • Bug fix: Handle network interception when form sending files
  • Bug fix: Fix issue with framework signing (extra files in folder)

1.18.10 (Aug 14 2018)

  • Feature: Add Battery/Carrier/SSID traces
  • Feature: Add getDeviceId()
  • Bug fix: Fixes for iOS12+

1.18.9 (Jul 19 2018)

  • Feature: Added CaptureDeviceAndNetworkNames launch option for privacy read more
  • Bug fix: Handle hidden fields in Polymer/Shadow DOM properly

1.18.5 (May 25 2018)

  • Feature: Add Carthage support read more
  • Bug fix: Do not disable battery monitoring if it was enabled by the app
  • Stability bug fixes

1.18.0 (Apr 5 2018)

  • Feature: Stop and Relaunch SDK read more
  • Feature: Mark secure elements by coordinates read more
  • Feature: Extended crash info is now available on some crashes
  • Minor bug fixes

1.17.20 (Mar 9 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes

1.17.17 (Feb 28 2018)

  • Feature: Add a way to customize Bugsee UI read more
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.17.12 (Feb 14 2018)

  • Bug fix: Bug priority setting ignored when reporting manually
  • Bug fix: Incorrect orientation reported if it changed during background period
  • Bug fix: Incorrect call stack reported for logError API.
  • Bug fix: Removed openGLES and Quartz dependencies from Cocoapod spec, they are not needed

1.17.10 (Jan 29 2018)

  • Bug fix: Removed redundant class pre-loads
  • Bug fix: Ad-Hoc and Debug are detected as Testflight distribution

1.17.9 (Jan 24 2018)

  • Update Podfile to download zip from https link to avoid Cocoapods warnings

1.17.8 (Jan 23 2018)

  • Bug fix: Treat launch options properly when app launched by push/background

1.17.7 (Jan 19 2018)

  • Bug fix: Prevent feedback manager accessing files during background push case
  • Bug fix: Incorrect initialization of CFMutableData object in network capture

1.17.4 (Jan 15 2018)

  • Bug fix: Max body size option was not properly used in some launch configurations
  • Bug fix: Fix linking error with latest Xamarin release

1.17.0 (Jan 9 2018)

  • Feature: Filter system for console logs read more
  • Feature: UDP network monitoring
  • Feature: Better distribution detection (AppStore/TestFlight,Enterprise, MDM, Ad-Hoc)
  • Feature: Improved UIWindow traces (trace all, indicate which were recorded)

1.16.5 (Nov 30 2017)

  • Feature: Screenshot is now available in VideoLess mode read more
  • Feature: Localization for report controller was added (currently RU locale only)
  • Feature: Major refactor of a tracing system to reduce and isolate Bugsee heap footprint

1.16.4 (Nov 13 2017)

  • Bug fix: Hiding private views on iPhone X
  • Feature: Additional parameter to control video down-scaling read more

1.16.1 (Nov 4 2017)

  • Bug fix: Video scaling fix for iPhone X

1.16.0 (Nov 1 2017)

  • Feature: Screenshot is now available in VideoLess mode read more
  • Feature: Localization for report controller was added (currently RU locale only)
  • Feature: Major refactor of a tracing system to reduce and isolate Bugsee heap footprint
  • Feature: Added 'WifiOnlyUpload' option to allow uploading issues only on WiFi read more
  • Updated build SDK to 11.1
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.15.5 (Oct 11 2017)

  • Fixed proper video scaling for legacy applications in zoomed mode.

1.15.4 (Oct 4 2017)

  • Fixed bug preventing report controller to be closed on IOS 11
  • Updated build SDK to 11

1.15.3 (Oct 2 2017)

  • Added frame rate low/med/high setting read more

1.15.1 (Sep 5 3017)

  • Various bug fixes for Xamarin interoperability
  • Removed stack trace collection for application kills
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.15.0 (Aug 23 2017)

  • Feature: Proper support for CocoaLumberJack in Swift
  • Feature: Better support for wrappers (Xamarin, Unity)
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.14.3 (Jul 13 2017)

1.14.1 (Jun 13 2017)

  • Feature: User Feedback read more
  • Bug fixes: Better handling of hidden views, more accurate detection
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.13.0 (Apr 7 2017)

  • Feature: Refactor logging capturing system to produce cleaner logs
  • Feature: Better handling of multi-window hierarchies, lower cpu load.
  • Feature: Auto-hide CC text fields in common payment libraries (Stripe, Braintree,
  • Feature: Add React native custom logger read more
  • Bug fix: Incorrect addresses in C++ exceptions in some cases

1.12.6 (Mar 15 2017)

  • Bug fix: Rename methods to prevent link conflicts with user library

1.12.5 (Mar 9 2017)

  • Bug fix: Fix simulator (i386) linkage errors for users of custom attachments and custom loggers.

1.12.3, 1.12.4 (Mar 8 2017)

  • Bug fix: Properly handle non-ascii characters in logs

1.12.2 (Mar 6 2017)

  • Bug fix: Properly handle older internal file format pending logs

1.12.1 (Mar 5 2017)

  • Rename global function to avoid name collision with another framework

1.12.0 (Mar 3 2017)

  • Feature: Reduce Pod size by removing unused i386
  • Bug fix: Proper support for dynamic framework dSYM files upload
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.11.8 (Feb 8 2017)

  • Bug fix: Date strings within logs were treated as beginning of newlines.

1.11.7 (Feb 7 2017)

  • Bug fix: More stability fixes for CocoaLumberjack logger

1.11.6 (Feb 6 2017)

  • Bug fix: Custom formatter for CocoaLumberjack was crashing
  • Added LICENSE file

1.11.5 (Feb 5 2017)

  • Feature: Mark BugseeNetworkEvent properties as nullable to make Swift mark them as optionals.
  • Increase custom attachment size to 10mb

1.11.4 (Jan 31 2017)

  • Bug fix: Refactor CocoaLumberjack logger to allow custom loggers
  • Add option to disable auto console log capture

1.11.3 (Jan 23 2017)

  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes for video-less recording modes

1.11.2 (Jan 17 2017)

  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes for network capture mechanisms

1.11.0 (Jan 10 2017)

  • Feature: Always hide secure text fields, not only under focus
  • Feature: WebView secure fields detection and concealment in dynamically created DOM
  • Feature: Better support for apps with multiple windows
  • Feature: New reporting UI, screenshot is attached now by default
  • Feature: On device symbolication for frameworks.
  • Feature: BugseeAgent script support for fastlane integration
  • Feature: Graceful degradation when running low on disk space, first video stops recording then the rest.
  • Experimental: Detect abnormal application kills. read more
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.10.2 (Dec 26 2016)

  • Feature: Now all console logs are properly captured
  • Upload mechanism improved to work properly on slow network and upload in the background
  • Various bug fixes, mostly stability issues

1.9.0 (Oct 18 2016)

  • Feature: Interception of Ajax network traffic with WebViews
  • Feature: APIs for Swift refactored for 3.0 to be more swift-like
  • Feature: Automatic top view detection for React Native apps using NavigatoriOS read more
  • Bug fix: Various fixed for stability issues introduced by iOS 10.0
  • Bug fix: Symbol files uploading fixed, in some cases dSYM files failed to upload

1.8.0 (Aug 25 2016)

  • Feature: Remove bundle from the package, one less thing to copy during manual install
  • Feature: Allow users to add attachments to the report through delegate read more
  • Optimizations: Optimize start up time
  • Bug fix: Make symbol collection agent truly run in the background
  • Big fix: Various bug fixes for Cordova applications

1.7.0 (Jul 28 2016)

  • Feature: Body and Headers of network requests are now being recorded (json/xml/text under 5K in size only)
  • Feature: More robust filtering mechanism for cleaning sensitive data from network logs
  • Feature: User can now add annotations to the last recorded screenshot before sending
  • Feature: Better support for C++ crash call stacks where possible
  • Feature: Record keyWindow in traces
  • Feature: Proper support for iPad Pro split view
  • Bug fix: Better crash report recovery: less reports with missing video and/or traces
  • Bug fix: Improved overall stability, multiple issues resolved

1.6.0 (Jun 7 2016)

  • Bug fix: Window now doesn't affect orientations/status bar styles
  • Feature: Improve crash report recovery
  • Feature: Automatic icon extraction by Bugsee Agent at build
  • Feature: Support for multiple dSYM files per application (dynamic frameworks)

1.5.7 (Jun 2 2016)

  • Bug fix: Proper network handling for special URL types
  • Bug fix: Refactor UI controller to prevent interaction with user controls.

1.5.6 (May 29 2016)

  • Bug fix: Handle the case when Bugsee initialized before all windows

1.5.5 (May 25 2016)

  • Feature: Added email set/get/clear API read more
  • Bug Fix: Namespace collision with ZipArchive

1.5.3 (May 24 2016)

  • Visual tweaks to report controller

1.5.2 (May 20 2016)

  • Bug fix: Handle nil properly when writing events

1.5.1 (May 13 2016)

  • Bug fix: Video crash related to Apple handling of memory pools
  • UI tweaks to report controller

1.5.0 (May 11 2016)

  • Feature: Our report UI now has an optional field to add your email. Enter it once (tap on the gear), and all your reports will now be grouped under your name.
  • Feature:Improve network error handling.
  • Feature: Improve Swift Apps crash report symbolication.
  • Performance and stability fixes across the board.

1.4.5 (Apr 26 2016)

  • Maintenance release, many stability fixes

1.4.2 (Mar 28 2016)

  • Feature: Network capture had been added. NSURLSession and NSURLConnection requests are being logged now. Network traffic from UIWebKit and WKWebKit are being logged as well.
  • Preliminary support for hiding sensitive fields (passwords) within WebViews has been implemented.
  • Stability issues resolves (major cause of a rare but nasty crash was eliminated)

1.3.5 (Mar 8 2016)

  • Stability issues resolved
  • Bug fix: Namespace collision with Reachability library
  • Feature: Pause/Resume APIs to have the ability to avoid recording sensitive screens.

1.3.4 (Mar 1 2016)

  • Feature: Added BITCODE support, now applications using BITCODE can compile with Bugsee

1.3.3 (Feb 29 2016)

  • Bug fix: Support old applications which do not have "window" property in their app delegate
  • Feature: Detect when the debugger is attached and don't start Bugsee crash reporting, let XCode handle it

1.3.2 (Feb 28 2016)

  • Feature: Prevent Bugsee from running on IOS older than 8.0 and the simulators
  • Bug fixes

1.3.1 (Feb 25 2016)

  • Feature: Gather dispatch queues latencies as traces (main UI and default ones)
  • Feature: When video recovery fails, produce a proper recording with no video
  • Bug fix: Various fixes for 32bit systems

1.3.1 (Feb 22 2016)

  • Feature: New refactored mechanism for video recording, requires less memory and CPU
  • Feature: Properly track background time, record no video (black frame) when in background
  • Feature: Logging levels added for NSLog, Bugsee.log() and CocoaLumberjack logs.
  • Bug fix: Add support for 32bit systems