Release notes

1.8.0 (Jul 13 2017)

  • Feature: User Feedback read more
  • Various stability fixes

1.7.0 (May 26 2017)

  • Feature: New experimental video capture method not involving MediaProject and system enforced user concent dialog. The mechanism does have some limitations: it does not record status bar, keyboard, GL and Media views, but it is expected to become the default mode in the next release. To enable, set ExtendedVideoMode launch option to false to disable MediaProjection and switch to the new method. read more
  • Feature: Crash reporting from services - exprimental feature, enabled by Service launch flag. read more
  • Feature: Better handling for low disk space environment
  • Various stability fixes

1.6.0 (Apr 14 2017)

  • Feature: Add Secure views in XML read more
  • Feature: Support for maven builds read more
  • Feature: Charging and Bluetooth system traces added
  • Various stability fixes

1.5.0 (Mar 03 2017)

  • Feature: Proguard support read more
  • Remove gson library to reduce size and method count
  • Various stability fixes

1.4.0 (Jan 23 2017)

  • Feature: Network traffic capture in WebView
  • Feature: Hidden fields concealement in Webview read more
  • Feature: User attachements read more
  • Various stability fixes

1.3.0 (Nov 24 2016)

  • Feature: Screenshot annotations
  • Various stability fixes

1.2.0 (Oct 20 2016)

  • Feature: Network traffic body is now captured as well
  • Various stability fixes