Source maps

bugsee-sourcemaps is a CLI tool that generates and uploads source maps to Bugsee servers from JavaScript-based projects.


# using NPM
npm install -g bugsee-sourcemaps

# using Yarn
yarn global add bugsee-sourcemaps


    $ bugsee-sourcemaps <command> <options> <project-dir>


        -h, --help
        -t, --app-token,
        -v, --app-version,
        -s, --source-map,
        -b, --bundle,
        -e, --endpoint,
        -p, --platform,
        -c, --configuration,
        -o, --overwrite


Option Required Compatible commands Description
-t, --app-token Yes make, upload, generate Application token that identifies the app in Bugsee you want to upload source maps for
-v, --app-version No make, generate, upload Lets Bugsee to associate source maps with the specified application version. We recommend to set this manually to make sure there will be no any differences in versions of source maps and crash reports
-s, --source-map Yes upload Path to the generated source maps (file)
-b, --bundle Yes upload Path to the generated bundle (file)
-e, --endpoint No upload, make Defines the upload endpoint
-p, --platform Yes make, generate, upload Identifies the platform source maps are generated for. Available values are: 'ios' and 'android'
-c No* make, generate, upload Defines the configuration to use when handling the source maps. Available values: 'debug' and 'release'.
*Note that this option is required for upload command as there is no way to easily found out for which configuration sourcemap was generated.For other commands, if omitted, source maps will be generated for both debug and release configurations.
-o, --overwrite No make, upload Instructs the tool to overwrite any existing source maps of the same version, build configuration and platform