Trello Integration


Supported authentication methods


Select "OAuth" in the first step of integration wizard. Click "Next".

Select OAuth

You will be presented with dialog asking you to authorize Bugsee. You need to select default channel you want to post messages from Bugsee to. Note, that you can change that in the last wizard step on a per application basis. Click Authorize to allow Bugsee access your Trello.

OAuth Grant


There are no any specific configuration steps for Trello. Refer to configuration section for description about generic steps.

Custom recipes

Bugsee can accommodate all these customizations with the help of custom recipes. This section provides a few examples of using custom recipes specifically with Trello. For basic introduction, refer to custom recipe documentation.

Setting labels field

Bugsee can't map it's own issues labels field to Trello labels. But you can specify appropriate idLabels via custom field inside custom recipes:

function create(context) {
    // ....

    return {
        // ...
        custom: {
            // This example sets label by its ID (idLabels)
            idLabels: ["5dd55a0026617f6a1e52408d"]

You can add .json into URL of your Trello board to get JSON view:

Get JSON view of the board

Then you can find labels list inside the JSON that includes all your labels with keys name, color and id that should be used in the recipe above:

JSON view of the board