Privacy and Report fields

You can use both pre and postprocessing for report fields. This is useful when you want to strip any sensitive data user may enter into it or when you want to apply some specific formatting.

The principle is simple, for every generated report, Bugsee will call the corresponding delegate method from provided BugseeDelegate protocol. Your class should implement BugseeDelegate protocol and it must set itself as the delegate for Bugsee (choose the sync or async delegate method that fits your needs). You should then perform all the required fields manipulations and pass your changes back to Bugsee.


// sample code blocks are provided for async versions
- (void)bugseeAddFieldsBeforeReportCreatedWith:(void (^)(BugseeReportFields * _Nonnull))completion {
    __block BugseeReportFields *report = [BugseeReportFields reportFieldsWith:@"Begin;" description:@"Begin;" severity:BugseeSeverityBlocker labels:@[@"qa"]];


- (void)bugseeCheckFieldsAfterReportCreated:(BugseeReportFields *)report completionHandler:(void (^)(BugseeReportFields * _Nonnull))completion {
    report.summary = [report.summary stringByAppendingString:@";End"];
    report.reportDescription = [report.reportDescription stringByAppendingString:@";End"];
    report.severity = BugseeSeverityHigh;

    NSMutableArray<NSString *> * currentLabels = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:report.labels];
    [currentLabels addObject:@"dev"];
    report.labels = currentLabels;


// somewhere within the class
[Bugsee sharedInstance].delegate = self;


// sample code blocks are provided for async versions
func bugseeAddFieldsBeforeReportCreated(_ completion: @escaping (BugseeReportFields) -> Void) {
    var reportFields = BugseeReportFields("Begin;", description: "Begin;", severity: BugseeSeverityBlocker, labels: ["qa"])


func bugseeCheckFields(afterReportCreated report: BugseeReportFields, completionHandler completion: @escaping (BugseeReportFields) -> Void) {
    _ = report.summary?.appending(";End")
    _ = report.reportDescription?.appending(";End")
    report.severity = BugseeSeverityHigh


// somewhere within the class
Bugsee.sharedInstance()?.delegate = self;