Crash symbolication

Debug Symbols

Debug symbols provide information that Bugsee uses to decipher stack traces generated by an application.

When to Upload

With default settings, complete stack traces are available in your Dart error, out of the box, unless you use split-debug-info and obfuscate. In those cases, you need to upload the debug information files generated by the flutter build, so Bugsee can show you proper stack traces.

We provide special Python script which you should use to upload the generated debug information files with. Note that you should execute that script within you project folder to let it properly find and handle required files.

You can use it as follows:

python3 -t <your-application-token> -d <path-to-debug-symbols-folder>

<path-to-debug-symbols-folder> must point to the directory where debug information symbols were placed with split-debug-info option.

By default, this script will automatically pick version from pubspec.yaml inside your project folder. If you want to specify your own version, you can do it with -v option as shown below.

python3 -t <your-application-token> -d <path-to-debug-symbols> -v 1.2.3

To properly symbolicate native crashes and errors, you will need to configure native debug information uploading as described in iOS and Android documentation.