SwiftUI App Lifecycle

If your app adopts the SwiftUI App Life Cycle, the simplest approach is to launch Bugsee within the App conformer’s initializer:

import Bugsee
import SwiftUI

struct BugseeSwiftUIApp: App {
    init() {
        let options : [String: Any] =
            [ BugseeMaxRecordingTimeKey   : 60,
              BugseeShakeToReportKey      : false,
              BugseeScreenshotToReportKey : true,
              BugseeCrashReportKey        : true ]

        Bugsee.launch(token: "<your_app_token>", options: options)

Protecting views

All system secure fields (SecureField) are hidden from the recorded video automatically. In addition we support a way to mark your custom sensitive views so they will be treated similarly. We provide View extension for this (View+Bugsee.swift) which contains bugseeProtect(completion:) method.

        .bugseeProtect { view in
            // The usual way
            // Mark provided view as bugseeProtectedView
            view.bugseeProtectedView = true