Cordova plugin is currently supported for iOS and Android platforms. If you use cordova to compile your app for both platforms, you should create separate applications within Bugsee system and obtain separate tokens for your iOS and Android apps. Using cordova-plugin-device you will be able to understand which platform you are running on and use the right token.

Plugin Installation

In the root of your Cordova project run the following command:

cordova plugin add com.bugsee.cordova-plugin --save

# Optional: Install cordova-plugin device if you use both iOS and Android platform
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device --save


iOS/iPadOS: Make sure you launch your app with Bugsee on a real device. Underlying Bugsee iOS SDK does not work in simulator as it heavily depends on the hardware.

Initialize the Bugsee plugin when your application starts, preferably when the deviceready event fires, e.x:

onDeviceReady: function() {

  var appToken = (device.platform == "Android")?"<ANDROID_APP_TOKEN>":"<IOS_APP_TOKEN>";