Manual invocation

Report view

In addition to detection of shake gesture or screenshot issue report view can be triggered programmatically:


// or pre-fill some fields, user will be able to modify them
Bugsee.showReportDialog('Test summary', 'Test description');

Issue create

You can build your own custom UI for collecting summary, description and severity from a user and use the following call to send it to Bugsee to upload.

Note: You should not use it for reporting errors automatically from within code, use handled exceptions for this instead.

Bugsee.upload('Test summary', 'Test description');

Handled exceptions

It is possible to report handled exceptions from code. These reports will get combined similar to crashes, and you will be provided with statistics and a break down by unique devices, OS versions, etc.

try {
    // Code, which can throw exception.
} catch (ex, st) {
    Bugsee.logException(ex, st);