YouTrack Integration


Supported authentication methods

Basic authentication

To create issues in YouTrack you need to ensure that YouTrack account you will be using to integrate Bugsee has "Reporter" role assigned to it. Please, follow steps below to do that.

Login to your YouTrack instance and go to user management page

User management

Click on "Login" of the user you want to add "Reporter" role to

Click user login

Switch to "Roles" tab and click "Add Role..." button

Add role

Select the project to grant access to (selecting "Global" will grant access to all projects) and "Reporter" role, finally click "Add Role" button.

Select role

Now, when you've made required changes in your YouTrack instance, lets configure integration in Bugsee.

Pass through instructional steps in wizard and stop at authentication step. Provide valid host (URL to your YouTrack), username and password. Click "Next".

Provide authentication info


There are no any specific configuration steps for YouTrack. Refer to configuration section for description about generic steps.