Privacy and Network traffic

Disabling network traffic collection

Network traffic collection can be disabled completely by providing corresponding launch flags. For iOS projects use BugseeMonitorNetworkKey launch option (see configuration for more info) and for Android projects use MonitorNetwork launch option (see configuration for more info).

Sanitizing data

Bugsee captures network activity from the application and stores headers and in some cases body of the request and response. In order to allow you to hide user identifiable and other sensitive data from these network logs, we let you hook into network capturing by installing network filter handler that will be called for every event about to be recorded.

For every event to be recorded, Bugsee will call your method and provide you with an object containing captured data. It is your method's responsibility to clean up all user identifiable data from that structure and return it back to Bugsee.

Bugsee.setNetworkFilter(function (netEvent) {
    // Filter event here as required, or return null to ignore it
    return netEvent;

// To remove previously set network filter handler, just pass null to setNetworkFilter()

Network Events

The handler is going to be called several times for each network request, depending on its life-cycle. Usually for successful requests its going to be called twice, once with the request event (request headers and body) and once after completion and will contain headers and body of the response.

Property Description Type Read only Notes
type Type of network event String YES 'begin', 'complete', 'cancel' or 'error'
method HTTP Request Method String YES 'GET', 'POST', etc...
url Network event URL String NO
redirected_from URL of Network event that we were redirected from String NO
body Body String NO Raw body of the request or response where available.
headers HTTP Headers Object NO Key-value map of HTTP headers associated with the event.